Monday, October 31, 2011

Definition of the word DISDAIN

I had a chat with my religious school kiddos today (conservative synagogue,six conservative girls and two orthodox girls) about the difference between Jewish holidays, secular holidays, and holidays from other religions.  And now I know the definition of "disdain".


 noun \dis-ˈdān\   The tone of voice with which a Jewish 3rd grader explains to other Jewish kids how Christian kids get presents on Christmas, and they think they come from some fat guy named Santa Claus!
Who even knew that an eight-year-old could roll her eyes!


  1. LOL! Oh, wow, Betsy, you are a bit out of the loop! My 8-yr-old's eyes are rolling almost 24/7.

  2. Christmas is supposed to be for all. I prefer taking the Christ out of Christmas and let any and everyone get presents. The kids deserve fun ;)