"Betsy is like a ringmaster in the classroom. She works with students in the final months before their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Each child is at his/her own level, working on different prayers or Torah portions. She is responsible for guiding each child through the service. She also leads whole group lessons around the Saturday morning service. Betsy integrates technology seamlessly into the classroom as well. Students use computers and smart phones to aid in their learning. She smoothly guides this three-ring circus of a class each and every week. "
Kelly Finkel
Religious School Director 
Austin, TX

Ms. Markman has been my daughter’s Hebrew school teacher for the past year. As a sole teacher, Ms. Markman was responsible for 8-10 children in the classroom ages 5-8. She put a lot of effort into creating an innovative curriculum to engage these young kids in Judaism.

Ms. Markman is a well educated and talented individual and a teacher. She has a passion for her profession and a lot of patience and love for children. This was evident by the reaction of the children when they walked into the classroom – they were eager to share with her their ‘news.’ Each week, my daughter recalled different songs, stories, holidays, creative projects, and various activities that she learned in Hebrew school. She brought home many pieces of work that Ms. Markman helped them create. She truly believed in each child and her endless praise for the smallest achievements encouraged the children in their learning.

Ms. Markman was very attentive to me as a parent. She was happy to recount the smallest details when asked at the end of the class. I was worry free when I’d drop off my daughter knowing that Ms. Markman was there. It was a great pleasure to have such a wonderful teacher and I can only hope for a future teacher like Ms. Markman for my children.

If you would like additional information about Ms. Markman, please reach me at (215) 695-0359.

Sophie Shuklin