Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sweet Year We Want to Have

Today, my religious school students planned, discussed, wrote, and drew all the sweet things they want to bring with them into the new year.  The things they want to learn, the things they want to improve, the way they want to be.  Here's a sample, from students from kindergarten to third grade:

  • Leren to climb a Tree
  • Learn to write Hebrew
  • Learning to read
  • I want to start being more helpful.
  • Beter at blowing the shofar
  • Life.
  • happy, nice, love
  • Being nice to my sister,
  • I wan to blow the shofar.
  • Beter at cleaning my room.

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Next week, when we take a tashlich field trip to the closest pond, we will talk more about all the angers, mistakes and mean things from the past year that we are ready to throw away.

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