Thursday, July 14, 2011

iJewish is a good way to practice and have fun over the summer

I have an iPhone stuffed to the guffilte gills with audio for the Saturday morning prayers for three synagogues, siddur pages for two or three, information about the prayers, photos of ritual objects and biblical dress, tents and musical instruments, and GAMES.  Did I neglect to mention the games??

All of the Jewish publishers havemany apps and programs, but Behrman house has the best.  Here are the iPhone and iPad games for students, and I have them all.  Scroll through the adult stuff and the fun ones will appear near bottom.

This year I found a new food-sorting game for Passover, with a truck theme.  And an entire haggadah (with sounds and sound effects) for the iPad.  Add Little Scribes and Mash Passover for the little ones.  There's also a Mitzvah Match app which kids of many ages may enjoy.

Looking for something to teach basic Hebrew and simple prayers?  Start with these from Behrman House.  They also have full versions for the computer.

Babaganewz has great online resources, offline and online games for Jewish kids from the tweens until high school, but I haven't yet seen anything there for smart phones.They also have craft and recipe ideas and a focus on values.

TorahAura has a great selection of non-technological Jewish fun activities for kids, in case you decide that you need to see your own phone or computer even while the kids are awake.

Morim has lots of online practice for Torah stories and simple Hebrew vocabulary, and the kids seem to like the activities.
Davka has some fun stuff as well:

Alef Bet Schoolhouse for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Alef Bet Schoolhouse teaches the Hebrew alphabet with with sound, color, animation and fun!



Time for Betsy to get an ipad, no?

Talking Hebrew Word Book for iPad


Improve and expand your Hebrew vocabulary with the Talking Hebrew Word Book for iPad!
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Talking Hebrew WordPod

Learn Hebrew vocabulary with your iPod!
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Tanach Bible for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Browse, search and study the Hebrew Bible with Tanach Bible, the ideal Tanach study tool for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!
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Tefillah Tunes for Kids

Tefillah Tunes for Kids is the ideal way for youngsters to learn popular synagogue tunes, from Adon Olam to An'im Zemirot.
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If you know of more, please tell us in the comments!

Morah Betsy

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  1. Check out for the begining, you mentioned some of these apps, but at The Jewish iPhone Magazine website you will find much more educational stuff.